Upcoming Show Dates

Friday February 8th @ BRIX in Huntington Beach, CA

Saturday February 9th @ House Concert, location TBA, Los Angeles, CA

Sunday February 10th @ Radio Venice TV (Internet Broadcast), Venice, CA

Tuesday February 12th @ Sonny McLean’s, Santa Monica, CA

Thursday February 14th @ Lyd & Mo’s, Pasadena, CA

Friday February 15th @ Cinema Bar, Culver City, CA

Saturday February 16th @ The Beatnik Lounge, Joshua Tree, CA

Friday February 22nd @ The Vine, Ojai, CA



Mercury Sound Club is a confederation of some of Los Angeles’ most talented songwriters and performers. The artists have performed far and wide and are continually releasing new material. They are committed to pushing their own and each other’s music. Here are a few of the fine artists who call Mercury Sound Club, LA their own:


Diego Garcia

Lead singer of the band Stage 11. Their 4th record Moments Like These was released in July, 2017. Winner for Best Male Vocals at the Hollywood Music and Media Awards in November, 2016. He is also part of a duo with the band High Noon Whiskey and can be seen solo around the L.A. area performing original music and supporting the Indie Music scene.


David Sparrow

David Sparrow grew up in the boonies outside of Baltimore, MD singing in the church choir, listening to his mom’s piano playing, and absorbing his dad’s classic country and rock records. Under the influence of his uncle’s metal shredding and his grandfather’s flat-picking it was inevitable he’d pick up a guitar.

He has always enjoyed entertaining a crowd whether it be an acoustic set or a full-on rock show.

The music bug brought him to Los Angeles in the summer of 2003 and he’s been “touring” the city ever since. He can be caught sometimes at The Cinema Bar and often at various restaurants and wineries around the city.

His music falls somewhere between The Beatles and Ryan Adams and anything that’s got a catchy hook.

A solo album “Beggars and Choosers” is slated for February 2019.


Mercy Sakes

Mercy Sakes makes music inspired by fierce old folk tunes. He was born in Oklahoma, but raised on the corners of the earth. An army kid, he lived in eight different houses by his tenth birthday. Being from nowhere was about the same as being from everywhere, which he translated into a deep and wide taste in music. Ever since he first felt sound tug on his heart he has wanted to make noise that could do just that. He’s lived in the south, the north, the midwest, and the west, not to mention the years spent abroad as a kid. He currently lives in Southern California and plans on sticking around for a little while this time.


Britton Sparkman

Britton Sparkman hails from Birmingham, AL, but since 2004 has called Los Angeles home. Playing around the City of Angels over the past decade with his bands, Red Circle Underground & Righteous Heirs, Britton has always loved to Rock and support the local scene. As of 2018, he has been primarily focused on writing & performing his original material, as well as recording in his home studio with other fellow musicians.

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Anderson William

Anderson William was born in Washington DC and raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountain range in Virginia. His first song, a time-tested hit among his family, was written at 8 years old about his love for cashew nuts. After a seven year stint in NYC where he wrote other songs - not about cashew nuts, he moved to Los Angeles. Here, he found his voice and a real passion for storytelling through song whilst drinking whiskey, eventually forming the blues based Americana duo, High Noon Whiskey, with Diego Garcia.

When not playing music, Anderson spends his time as a woodworker, photographer, professional beard grower, actor, writer, and director.